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Template for making new bl.ocks. d3_.js contains a custom of build of d3 with jetpack and lodash.

Make a new directory and copy this code with degit:

mkdir my-example-name && cd $_
degit 1wheel/d3-init

overall workflow

Let’s Make a Block is a great introduction. I use a couple of additional tools:

# update node if you don't have >= 8
npm install -g n && n latest

# install cli helpers
npm install -g degit hot-server gistclone gistsnap gistup git-go

# pick a project name and make a directory
mkdir my-example-name && cd $_

# grab starter files
degit 1wheel/d3-init

# start a local server

# write some code...

# take a screen shot

# publish
gistup -m basename "$PWD"

# update
git-go this is a commit message

# download