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While reading the documentation for plot’s new pointer feature, I noticed an fun trick:

“One-dimensional” is a slight misnomer: the pointerX and pointerY transforms consider distance in both dimensions, but the distance along the non-dominant dimension is divided by 100.

Adjust the slider to see how different weights change the hitbox. With the default weight of 100, this turns into an almost lexicographic sort — on the Weight X chart, multiple points share the same X position, so the Y position is used as a tiebreaker. When the points aren’t aligned, like on the Weight Y chart, selecting a given point can be fiddly. Using a weight of 100 instead of a strict lexicographic sort makes it possible to still select a point by mousing directly over it.

Note: Voronoi diagrams look cool but are almost never the most efficient way of adding a hover effect.