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Sequence explorer - main example (with JSON file)

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Sequence explorer

This is the main example showing the features of sequence explorer.

More examples

Link to sequence explorer on github.

The example data contains the attendence record of a data visualization meetup in Munich. The group of members who despite responding didn’t show up are custom styled and represented by a red rectangle.

The visualization

The small multiples give you an overview over the data waiting to be explored. Each row corresponds to a subset of members based on their time they joined the group:

Each column corresponds to a subset of members based on the time of responding to the meetup announcement. This is just based on the forth meetup response reaction. The fourth meetup was announed three weeks before the actual date:

The interaction

In this example, a subset of events are specified with correspondingEvents([]) resulting in:

1) The percentage shown in the tooltip is based on just the specified events

2) clicking on a (event) label on the y axis shows percentages based on the specified events (in this case: no-show rate). The other labels on the y axis are not selectable.

3) clicking on a sequence label on the x axis displays a stack bar chart with just the specified events. The remaining labels are not included.