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d3.js: force layout; click to group/bundle nodes; multiple relations

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Experiment ……

Derived from the D3.js example force_cluster.html and gist 3071239.

Pictures, my dear!

See the graph in various states of undress, click to see the full-rez centerfold:

<img src=”” alt=rel=”the full bluntal nugity of it (4000 x 3000px)” />




Tuning The Darn Thing

Heck, every node set will need its own tweaks and tugs if you want to have it look exactly right all the time.

After the initial botched attempts, I did it all over again from scratch and wrote down at high level what the focus of attention was and in what order. This might help you to ‘professionalize’ your own tunings, pulling them out of the ‘trial & error’ era.

Note that the global var debug can be zet to 0, 1 or 2; we start with debug=2 so that we can see the underlying first ‘force’ layout at work: those are our red links and our nodes.