blocks by IanHopkinson

A gist illustrating testing in Python using unittest

csv concatenation

Modified for Docker Toolbox.

Examples of xpath queries using lxml in python

fresh block

Here are some things you can do with Gists in GistBox.

Get people appearing with a list of people from NewsReader

Get a timeline from the NewsReader API

Get Yahoo!Finance data on ScraperWiki

R used to generate views of ScraperWiki's Twitter Search tool

Some R to knit a view on ScraperWiki

A little bit of JavaScript that helps setup a box on ScraperWiki for tools inside that box


SQL to upload the two big MOT data files to a MySQL database, requires the tables to by using the MyIASM engine.

SQL to upload the smaller tables of the MOT test dataset

A schema for uploading MOT test data, as suggested in the user guide with the exception of the `SET storage_engine=MyISAM` which is there to allow the `ENABLE KEYS\DISABLE KEYS` mechanism used in the large table uploads. Also the field `RFRINSPMANDESC TEXT(500) #Variation from suggested schema due to 1074 error` is suggested as `char` in the user guide but for my MySQL setup this exceeds the allowed size for char.

A demonstration of doctests

A gist in R showing how to plot twitter data from ScraperWiki as a smoothScatter plot