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Voronoï playground : parquet deformation

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This block is a recreation (and a continuation of 1) inspired by parquet deformation, which consists on progressively transform a shape into another one (cf.[…]/crazy-paving-the-twisted-world-of-parquet-deformations or

In this block, the inital shape is the bottom most quazi-rectangle, and it is progressively transformed into the top most quazi-hexagon shape. The final result is obtained by using a Voronoï layout, with inner and outer cells hidden, and by positioning seeds at adequate positions (click to show/hide seeds): seeds are positioned on cocentric rings, and each ring has one less (or one more) seed than its contiguous rings. This difference in the number of seeds per ring produces the progressive shape transformation. At the bottom of the figure, first seeds of all rings are perfectly aligned, which leads to quazi-rectangle Voronoï cells. Conversely, at the top of the figure, seeds are alternatively aligned/disaligned (due to odd/even number of seeds), which leads to quazy-hexagon Voronoï cells.

I came to parquet deformation because the Voronoï layout makes a tessellation of the 2D plane, as the parquet does. Parquet deformation is also closely linked to Escher’s researches and amazing drawings (cf.

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