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Voronoï playground: Voronoï map (study 2)

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This block is a Work In Progress, a continuation of a previous block, and tries to implements a Voronoï map (i.e., one-level treemap) based on the algorithm presented in Computing Voronoi Treemaps - Faster, Simpler, and Resolution-independent, and augmented with heuristics found on a Java implementation done by Arlind Nocaj, one of the co-authors of the scientific paper. Because this algorithm requires the computation of weighted Voronoï, this block uses the d3-weighted-voronoi plugin.

Without going into details (cf. the scientific paper), the overall algorithm doesn’t differs from the one used in the previous block. Hence, at each iteration :

The algorithm stops when each site is no longer moved or re-weighted (more exactly, when each site is moved or is re-weighted below a certain treshold), or if a certain number of iterations is reached.

Differences from the algorithm used in the previous block are :

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