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Online Impossible Figure Builder

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This block is a recreation which allows me to continue my journey into impossible geometries, and allows you to create some of them.

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Where does the magic come from?

In this experimentation, when adding a cube, it automatically expands to the closest ones in each 6 directions (x/-x (right/left), y/-y (bottom left/top right) and z/-z (top left/bottom right)). Expanding means: add intermediate cubes in a straight line between 2 user-defined cubes.

In order to draw impossible geometries, all user-defined cubes and its 6 immediate neighbor cubes (i.e. distant by 1 unit) preserve local consistency: they are drawn so that they form a valid 3D object. But expansions between user-defined cubes introduce global inconsistency: all expansions are drawn behind user-defined cubes, so that the drawing precedence is broken, leading to an impossible geometry.

How expansions works?

Mouse interactions

Input text field

The input text field allows you to define a set of cubes via a mini-language:

If a particular drawing is appealing to you, you can temporarily store it by clicking the Import geometries from UI link. This will store the currently drawn user-defined cubes into the input text field using the mini-language. For longer storage, you can copy/paste between your favorite text editor and the input text field.


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