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MakeOver Monday, 2017, w29 - White House Salaries - iteration 2

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This block is my attempt to vizualize data provided by Makeover monday, 2017, week 29, and is a continuation of a previous block.

Compared to the previous block, areas of circle also encode salaries. I don’t know if it’s a good idea. Please let me know on twitter.

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Cons :

Original readme

I use a beeswarm arrangement (cf. d3-beeswarm plugin) for several reasons. Firstly, because there is no overlapping, it allows the user to see each individual data, and hover a particular data to access to its details. Secondly, this kind of arrangement suits very well distributions. In this example, it highlights the differences between the two administrations, and shows that Trump’s salaries seems to use a salary grid, as opposed to Obama’s ones.

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