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#SWDChallenge - Sept '18

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This chart is my contribution to the september 2018 #SWDChallenge.

I wanted the chart to focus on rank shifts so I designed it this way:

Also, even if my first idea was to use a flow chart, it was more appealing and fun to use a circular flow chart :-) Many thanks to Nadieh Bremer for sharing How to create a Flow Diagram with a Circular Twist.

Finally, regarding the color palette, I first use a basic green/red, but @storywithdata immediatly noticed that it was not color-blindness friendly. I first didn’t know how to modify the palette. @visualizingdata brought me the response I was looking for in its wonderfull blog five ways to design for red-green colour-blindness (I choose option #2).

Acknowledgments to :