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d3-voronoi-map v2 usage

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This block illustrates the use of the d3-voronoi-map plugin. It enhances a previous block by using the version 2 of the plugin, which is capable of displaying the self-organizing arrangement of the Voronoï map. This block is a remake of the‘s post The Costs of Being Fat, in Actual Dollars.

The d3-voronoi-map plugin produces Voronoï maps (one-level treemap). Given a convex polygon (here, a 60-gon simulating a circle for each gender) and weighted data, it tesselates/partitions the polygon in several inner cells, such that the area of a cell represents the weight of the underlying datum.

This block always produces the same Voronoï map on reload thanks to the initialPosition() API. This API allows to define the initial positions of each sites, before launching the iterative computation of the Voronoï map. By default, a random positioning is used, which leads to distinct final Vornoï maps on each reload. By setting the initial sites’ positions in a repeatable way, reloadings produce always the same final Voronoï map.

In this particular block, controlling initial positions of sites also helps to make the two Voronoï maps (men/women) having the same layout (e.g. placing sites/cells of the same type at the same position), which eases comparison.

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