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Simplex Radiations

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This block experiments SimplexNoise (see also 2, 1). More particularly, how to produce a continous radial noise.

Work initiated by this block from elenstar, Drawing Vector Field, and the outstanding Neonflames.

In this block, I use SimplexNoise to produce each radiation’s shape and growth. The shape is composed of lines joining several verteces. Verteces evolve thanks to values produced with SimplexNoise. The challenge was to compute a continuous noise between the first few verteces (from 0 rad) and the last few verteces (before 2*PI). The technique I use is:

The Simplex Wave + Explanations block explains this technique in a more appealing way (with drawings ;-).

This block is also the first one that allows me to use SimplexNoise with polar coordinates (instead of cartesian coordinates). Noise depends on r and θ (intead of the more classical x and y).

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