blocks by NelsonMinar

Solar monitoring setup: PVS6, PGE, to Influx

Hatching algorithm (in progress)

Torena to Somnopose data convertor for OSCAR

Metafilter users OPML file

Demo of using Mocha + Chai in a browser without Node

IndexedDB database file walker for Firefox

TensorFlow MNIST sigmoid recognizer

Demo of using IPython with BeautifulSoup


Pandas MultiIndex slicing demo

League of Legends win rates by tier


Demo program for a small bug with closing sessions



Testing various dict wrappers for Python JSON

SVM with Gaussian experiements in Python

Battlefield 4 plots, an IPython experiment


Python bug with logging and multiprocessing with maxtasksperchild=1

multiprocessing Pool example

Demonstration of logging messages from different threads to different files

Quickie script to check an OpenAddresses source CSV file for a consistent number of rows

A demonstration of slow sqlite3 bulk inserts in node.js

SugarScape agent in Swarm, July 1997


Demo of HTML5, dropping a file and processing contents

Extract last frame of a video file

Simple D3 modular chart

mg patch for homebrew

unison homebrew dependence on NAME environment variable

homebrew bug installing mg

Homebrew ggobi build problem verification

GTA V Map Viewer

TopoJSON vector maps from OSM

Rivers: search + Stamen terrain

The oldest "fun" program of mine I could find, from November 1990. Sadly I've lost all my code from earlier, like the amazing 4 person "Snake" game I wrote in Apple ][ assembler when I was about 12 years old.


Patch for PostgresSQL bug on Macs. Modified slightly from upstream fix so that it applies cleanly. Originally from

Vector slippy map of rivers built entirely in D3, no other mapping library.

Bug report for Postgres 9.2.4:

Minecraft ComputerCraft turtle function that enchants books


Minecraft turtle program to make tubes

Run an arbitrary URL as Lua code in ComputerCraft (Minecraft)


Demonstration of red/blue interpolation options D3 code

Cantor pairing function

Anthem Blue Cross of California 2011 rebate

Mercator for

platte caree projection for


Code to parse METARs with Tom Pollard's library


Python spawnv() with timeout

Month selector demo

D3 id selection example

AutoHotkey script to make CapsLock open URLs and search Google