blocks by ZJONSSON

CircleCI coverage lambda

scipy-notebook with rasterio


Happy Birthday

Optimal denominations

Bitcoin Arbitrage (extension)

Bitcoin Arbitrage - Priceonomics

New York Traffic - Live

Nearest Citibike

Minimalistic Promises A+ framework (without setTimeout/nextTick. 2 of 231 test fail)

Nelson's rivers (d3_geoJSON plugin)


D3 GeoJSON in Leaflet

Icelandic population pyramid

Node-mysql test

Brownian Bridge

QueueWrite - asynchronous queue for stream output


Iceland TopoJSON -pan/zoom

D3.js glucose levels

d3.legend example

Avg Price Histories (force_labels)


D3 Hive Plot (Areas) - evil exposure

D3 Hive Plot (Areas) - std expose

zQuiz rendered with jQuizMe


Scatterplot (WebGL-2D)

testing circles in Leaflet.js (working)

barStack (flex layout)

barStack - stacking with negative values

D3 + Leaflet (fork mbostock)

d3.layout.force3d (a quick hack to get force layout into the third dimension)

Newton's balls

Newton's cradle

Automatic floating labels using d3 force-layout

Internalizing chart variables (mod)

Internalizing chart variables (mod)

Basic filled contours in D3

Icesave capital structure - nest/layout example

Basic contours in D3

D3 - using SVG Bounding Box to get the "automatic padding"

Contour Test using Jason Davis implementation with D3

Simple X3D with D3

Using D3 to create and animate X3D - with x3dom

Update speed based on length of an unrelated static path object

[separate SVG boxes ] Update speed based on number of SVG elements in viewBox

Update speed based on number of SVG elements in viewBox

Icelandic earthquakes (D3)

SVG slippy map using Viewbox with D3

Using data() enter and exit in D3

Simple transitioning slides with SVG and D3