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Borg Backup - Shell script to create regular backups (can e.g. be called hourly by cron).

Borg Backup Script

This is a little helper script to regulary back up your data using the Borg backup tool. I wrote this as I was frustrated with Deja-Dup, which does not allow me to exclude directories by pattern, hence I ended up with backups that were very large and took a really long time to create because they contained many directories with non-essential files (e.g. node modules or Python virtual environments). Borg backup is a simple tool that offers everything that Deja-Dup does and is easier to customize.

The script will check the modification date of a file called last_backup.txt in your home directory to decide if a new backup should be created (by default once a week). If the file does not exist it will create it, if the backup fails it will erase it.