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Chain of Trust - but verify...

Provide a domain and a TXT content flag you want to discover and then verify all the way to ICANN.

On, we have a TXT record with data-cert=hello_world

domain = ""

Collect data for our target TXT record flag (including all sigs etc). Then collect data for the entire chain back to root.

chain_data = collect_record(domain, 'data-cert=')
chain_data = collect_chain_data(domain, chain_data)

This all is stored off in chain_data.json

Now, verify.

verify_chain(domain, data)

Finally, it makes sure the last step was signed by keys that came from the root we already know. Stored in root_rrset.json Since no exceptions were thrown, we’ll finally show what the value of our flag was set to:

show_verified_message(domain, data)

Chain Of Trust (but verify).ipynb