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Array Shuffling

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Array Shuffling

The gist demos scrambling (shuffling, un-sorting) of an arbitrary javascript array. The gist uses the NPM module array-unsort. The Git repo of the module is here.

The array-unsort has two modes of operation. The first is the Fisher-Yates shuffle wiki, which scrambles an array randomly. The second is a modified Fisher-Yates shuffle that ensures that no element remains at the same array position after the shuffle operation.

The visualization shows the distribution of input and output array indexes after iterating 10k (default) times, using an array size of 8 (default). The modified Fisher-Yates method is chosen by default. Please note that a given no array element will be present at its original array index after shuffling. Change the any of the controls and hit the Go button to redo the iteration.

Various stats on the distribution of array indexes are provided as well

The gist is alive here