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Driver License Suspensions II

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Driver License Suspensions II

The visualization shows driver license suspensions in California per zip code due to “failure to pay” or “failure to appear”. The viz is using the Mapbox GL API, which provides high performance rendering of complex geo features (which in this case includes over 1600 high resolution zip code boundaries).

The viz is based on the Mapbox GL API and examples by Anand Thakker here, and here, and Bobby Sudekum here.

The viz is also using the D3 and Topojson libraries.

Four data files are used by the script: a) driver license suspension data (CSV), b) zip code meta data (CSV), c) California county boundaries (Topojson) and d) Zip code boundaries (Topojson).

See the viz in action here, and fullscreen

See another implementation of the same dataset here, fullscreen. This implementation is using Mapbox tiles