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Adding Day Filter to Crossfilter Example

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Adding Day Filter to Crossfilter

This visualization is a slightly expanded version of the excellent original Crossfilter demo here

The visualization adds four items to the original example:

  1. Ability to filter on days (for example “Mon, Thu, Fri”) or day types (for example “Weekend”), in addition to the existing dimensions/filters
  2. A dataset View, that allows all of the 230K records to be viewed in an interactive canvas element below the visualization
  3. A timer function/object that can be used to determine the performance of various aspects of the the crossfilter operation
  4. Expanded and more detailed comments, perhaps helpful when trying to understand the original example

Note: added comments and code blocks are marked “BoE”.

To see the visualization in action, go here. The project on Github is here, and Github Gist here