blocks by bradoyler


@azure/service-bus topic subscription test (send & receive) to confirm your subscription filters is working as expected

Client for Azure Application Insights REST API


Application Insights helper for typescript function apps


simple color scale function using HSL

extract repo from git folder

scan csproj files for usage of ProjectReference

Simple Rest API client for node with support for JWT (bearer authentication) - requires Axios

Annotated Venn

All walmart locations in US via



ZCash (ZEC ) install Ubuntu 16

hash map for looking up the State code for a FIPS

A Vue.js plugin for idb-keyval

Data Storytelling with Coƶrdinator

Flu Illness Cartogram


Easily encrypt/decrypt files with a given password (using OpenSSL AES-256 algorithm)

Ethereum: A secure decentralized generalized transaction ledger, EIP-150 REVISION, DR. GAVIN WOOD

U.S. Airline Quality Scores (2016) U.S. Airline Quality Scores (2016) // source

JS Bin // source

JS Bin // source

JS Bin // source

irish border map

Spotify Demo // source

Jobs report 2016// source

install & sync monero blockchain on multiple mac/linux machines

US Coal Mines (from ->

American Indian/Alaska Native Areas/Hawaiian Home Lands

Coal Stations w/ Gross Load (MWh) via

All EPA monitored facilities with Facility ID (ORISPL)

Basic image guide for Twitter and Facebook cards

sorting algorithm using setTimeout

US Flight animation (svg)

US Flights animation (Canvas2D)


capture screenshot (stream) with webshot

dom ready function for modern browsers

npx is cool

retry a function with a given timeout, using requestAnimationFrame

Converting a UTC datetime to EDT timezone using date-fns.js (without using an IANA db)

Nodejs (6.x) standards

Simple ES6 PushState Router

build via `zepto-modules`

promise waterfall from collection

Promise Collection Waterfall

DomUtils library. Selection (.selectAll), Iterator (.each), Event Delegation (.on)

crime rate (us cities) scatterplot

crime rates in US cities

Orthographic Globe on canvas (rotating)

adaptive iframe using postMessage()

Crude Oil Pipelines in US

114th Congress (AlbersUSA)

Pan/Zoom US-states via Atlas-make

us-states via Atlas-make

script to build various Census / ACS files (shape, geojson & csv)

D3-Node Histogram example using d3@v4

World Map

Congress Districts by State. makefile and shell script to be used with us-atlas

US Map example

SVG of field in Rio



Node.js Standards (for the enterprise) we should all try to agree on.

Testing CORS OPTIONS request with curl


Sequences sunburst



Get state & county level Presidential Election results from AP (via Elex)

Handy Util (Node.js) for when you expect an Array....and want to avoid "Object.forEach is not a function" errors.



handy for worker process stuff when you want to throttle the frequency of requests.

iframe click track (pdk)

inview jquery plugin

The 24 game in javascript

repeat a string

reverse string, like a paragraph

flatten a list / array in js

Adaptive image <img> technique for above the fold images, using minimal inline js - DEMO (works in IE8)

using async.parallel vs async.each

minimal PDK player example // source

search an array with binary search algorithm - iterative & recursive approaches

check for balanced parens

Data structures and algorithms using javascript. Computer science FTW.

express middleware module template (NodeJs)

filter array & display time it occured


Ackermann function: In the 1920s, Wilhelm Ackermann demonstrated a computable function that was not primitive-recursive, settling an important argument in the run-up to the theory of computation. There are several versions of his function, of which the most common is defined over non-negative integers m and n. The function grows very rapidly, even for very small inputs; as an example, ack(4,2) is an integer of about 20,000 digits.

cross browser window width.

debounce javascript function

infinite scroll jquery [scroll() -> get() -> insertAfter()]

lame attempt at promise queue

redirect to new domain using location API

PR template

example routes and controllers

JS lesson: module example #1 - a self-contained module

a terminal script (Ruby) to query Wikipedia

JS inheritance. Explained.


JS console lesson : detect datatype

JS console challenge : find the longest word

JS console lesson : array filtering

JS console lesson : manipulating numeric arrays

JS console lesson : recursive math

Lesson #2: string manipulation and counting

JS console Lesson #1: declaring functions.

JS console lesson : sorting numbers in Array : the functional nature of js

DateFormat From

The new google analytics embed script From

hack to get rid of ios address bar

LogGlobals From

LOG From

jQuerify.js From

CSS libraries and guides to bring some order to the chaos.

Here are a set of libraries, plugins and guides which may be useful to your Javascript coding.

Here are some things you can do with Gists in GistBox.

An Ember.js controller that fetches data and binds to a template without using a router. Helpful if you have mutiple requests with a single Route. Uses the PromiseProxyMixin on a ObjectProxy

Using Map-Reduce in Javascript: counting words in a string.

Needed for unit testing. This ensures RavenDB will wait for non-stale results for any query.

newsvine comment counter, which I can't get working.

Joining a table to a large List<int> using LINQ

the User and People Models

Querying multi-map index from MVC Controller using dynamics

Multi-map index creation with RavenDB

Simple example Controller for RavenDB using StructureMap


IoC container for RavenDB within MemFlex project

A way to get a HttpContext that is able to be mocked out via HttpContextBase

RavenDB setup for MVC controller

Unit/Integration Testing MVC with RavenDb (using MS Test)

user-authenticated event tracking with jQuery in a Razor View

A DataContext wrapper for LINQ to SQL model.

Get ALL docs from any collection in RavenDB

Upload a file to S3 (

Locate a user (ASP.Net) using

Powershell function to extract stuff from Sharepoint

An event tracking ActionFilter for your MVC app using Cloudmine

Getting all your SVN log via SharpSVN

SQL script for Column counts

example for creating a wepay checkout using the WePay SDK (C#)