blocks by cavedave

MAke map of etymology of the word bat in european languages. Code from Most names gotten from here Some gotten from wiktionary code a slightly modified version of I am sure I got some wrong and I will correct things when I find them

heaps law graph to draw

Code to parse a pdf of the only Irish-Irish dictionary of the 20th century. Croidhe Cainnte Chiarraighe. Foclóir Gaeilge-Gaeilge (pdf) 1942. PDF is at . I took a few pages using to speed up experiments but that can be done just in python.

Graph of Euclid translations. That shows when they were translated. Data from wikipedia

Executive orders by presidents. Orders days in office

UK electricity data from Based on a previous heatmap

Ridgeline plot (Joyplot) of temperatures at dublin Airport in 2021. Thicker means there were more days with that temperature. Using max temperature as thats how we think of it due to weather forecasts. As in yesterday was 21C means the hottest yesterday got was 21Cget data from for Dublin airport ```{r} dub<-read_csv('dly532.csv', skip=25, col_names = TRUE) head(dub) ```

Looking at the actual data discussed in this 2013 articlel claiming no increase in world temperature 1998-2013

Wild Polio cases per year

European Countries Covid Vaccination Rates. Vaccine take-up, from west to east. Model this asked marginalrevolution about this tweet

Do high trust countries have higher covid vaccination rates? Data from ourworldindata

waffle graph of vaccination to ICU proportions


visualisation of when cherry blossoms peak in kyoto

Data from 'Just 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions, study says Emissions from 1988 to 2015' New figures are at You could say this is not the companies but the individual. If I fill my car with petrol thats on my Carbon Footprint not theirs. "The term was popularised by a $250 million ad campaign by the oil and gas company BP in an attempt to move public attention away from restricting the activities of fossil fuel companies and onto individual responsibility for solving climate change."

Picture comparing Covid fatalities to large battle deaths in the US

When would Simon–Ehrlich wager be won by whom?

Central England's Highest, Lowest and Average temp each year since 1878

Snooker breaks at world championship per year

Graph of monthly changes in uk unemployment. New data for covid-19 time is an estimate from All other data from Made with R Package ggplot2 If you want the code I'll put it up on github This is not the total number that is at and you can argue the rate of unemplyment/employment is a better metric. An explanation for the big spike is Date Number Jan 1947 433,100 Feb 1947 1,911,700 Mar 1947 805,800 there was a massive snow storm that mean there was not enough coal to run the factories so loads of people lost their jobs temporarily

Irish election bar chart

Dáil Eireann seat map. using r package ggparliament. This code is based on this tutorial

World gdp growth rates by region

heatmap of australian temperature records. data from

Graph of how loud Music Genres are

Code to make a stacked area chart of US wealth

Density of zipcodes in US. Data from copying tutorial at

Martin-Quinn scores for justices, 1937-2018. The r package ggplot2 code is very slightly modified version of by data from This made the reddit front page in a slightl different version

Make a map of where people in the UK vote

UK election visualisations

Raincloud of Irish Rain data. Using code from and data from

UK income and tax data. Copy of but for the UKData from

Visualisation of UK elections. I keep seeing 'the referendum, we saw the biggest democratic exercise in our history' so I looked the the number of votes/turnout numbers and the EU referendum isn't

Sex Ratio in Europe based on code from Norway has a missing spot in future combine Nord Trøndelag and Sort Trønderlag to fill this out.

Where hurricances became cat since 1967 when satellites could see them in the sea reliably. This is a copy of this map by Philip Klotzbach but I couldn't find his code so I made my own. Data from

European Centers of population Data from

SouthernCal temperatures. Data from Start Date 1918-09-01 End Date 2019-09-06 REQUESTED DATA Stations CHULA VISTA, CA US (GHCND:USC00041758)

R package animation comparing nfl combine stats over the years. BMI forty yard dash idea Idea from as I know nothing about NFL. data from this type of graph i learned at

Facet of all the temperatures in the uk since 1878 using data from Hadcet ggplot2

Data and code for the paper 'Temporal Trends in the Loudness of Popular Music over Six Decades' published in General Internal Medicine

Picture of Temperatures in Jul in Central England

Trying to recreate data from improved code at

Lowest temperature records graphed. Data from wikipedia and I use the Kelvin to graph as the celcius I did not fill in right at the end. If you know any records I do not have here please add them in the comments.

Code to look at CET and find the hottest days on a particular date

Picture of the leaders of ireland since independance

Graph of the lifespans of the prime ministers of the uk since 1721This is inspired by this graph [US Presidential Lifespans & Terms]( Data from wikipedia [List of Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom]( 1721 is classed as the first prime minister. Though you could reasonably argue others were the first prime minister.

Gini of US state populations

Make a map of ireland with counties coloured. Example image A lot of the code below comes from

league results from premiership scraped off wikipedia

Graph to show when people playing in the world cup are born. Similar to discussed for Ice Hockey in Gladwells' Outliers. Original dataset from

Graph of countries watt usage versus birth rate

Graph or Irish farming. Data from picture at

Graph or Irish farming. Data from

cherry trees in kyoto graph

Guinea worm visualisation


What is the relationship between the % of people in a country who are middle class and the countries democracy score?

loudness of songs joyplot. Data from

Does Carlsen just grind out wins against Caruana? I got their games from I wanted to see if Carlsen's wins come after a lot of moves. The labeling is no slight on Caruana I just picked the graph from one point of view. There are nice chess graphs at

Does Carlsen just grind out wins against Caruana? I got their games from

Git to make a picture of American president executive orders as shown at

Gist of tour de france winners speed. Data from and

Make a graph of the first 5000 amicable number pairs

heatmap of the worlds temperature from 1850->2018

Animation of rising CO2 levels


Heatmap of the prime numbers. And of the prime numbers except the least significant digit

Prime Numbers Horizontal Color representation. Make each pixel a color based on the digit. Go through the concatinated primes in the Smarandache Sequence. Start top left. Move right each step and every thousand digits drop down one. This code needs some of the defined earlier functions

Python Logo Turtle code to draw paths with numbers based on numbers. A picture made of all, odd, even and prime numbers can be made with this code

Python code to make a logo turtle move. it reads the digits of Smarandache–Wellin numbers if the digit is 0 move a step right. 1 36 degrees to the right of that. etc

Logo Turtle picture of pi. 1 million pi digits at e at sqrt(2)


This is code to add to Watson's Speech to Text service to improve its accuracy. Blogpost explaining this is at

Animated heatmap of the world income and life expectancy. Original idea from NFL heatmap I did one for NBA players image at Image for this demographics at





Voronoi of Dublin supermarkets.




Map of ireland code taken from and data from

Map of ireland code taken from

Map of ireland code taken from

House prices in various countries since 1975

Stacked Area Chart of Norther Ireland Elections

Animated states of US. Code taken from data from. Image at

How much do people spend and on what?


When will the Carnage end?

World Life Expectancy

War Deaths in the World Each Year

World Births per Woman Test

Make a map of where a logo turtle would be pushed by the wind in the major cities. This takes direction and strength ad noon each day and draws a line. Initially just an image but maybe a video later. Data is from Inspired by Richard Long: Circle of Autumn Winds, 1994


Regression on when there will be no sea ice

Ireland population pyramid based on code from


Image created is at

Hexbin Map of Irish Election Constituencies

Thousands of People Per Constituency Signing Petition for Another EURef

Englands temperature since 1659

Heatmap of world Temperature in r package for ggplot2

Use emoGG r package to make ggplot2 scatterplot with soccer ball geom_points

Code for comparing the ratings of books with their cover ratings. Blogpost on the analysis Original dataset


Guinea Worm Cases by Year per Country


A slope graph of Irish election results by political party


Sankey graph for ge16




Gist to make a Voronoi map of Irish Breweries

a stacked area chart of transatlantic slave trace made with c3.js and



Tree Ring Graph of Irish Life Expectancy

color map or Irish water protests


node school functional javascript

Node stream adventure code

Hands on node by Pedro Teixeira exercises. These are the Buffer exercises the first set. Emitters the second.

US cereals grown over recent history. Data from Graph uses d3.js to make a stacked area graph

Python code to colourize each country based on how much grin it produces

This is Python code to create a map of wheat producing counties int he US