blocks by christophermanning

Red Dots On A Map

Rails ActiveRecord 4.1.2.rc2 Namespaced HABTM Regression

Random Walk USA

Kaprekar Routine

Animated Civis Analytics Logo

CTA Line Simplification

Spherical Random Walk

d3.js polybrush.js

Octocat Force Layout

Flow Field

Simple Path Editor

Octocat Grid


JSTS Polygon Intersection

Café wall illusion

2D Random Walk

SVG Self Dividing Line

Simplex Noise QR code

Simplex Noise Code 39 Barcode

Simplex Noise Dots

Unknown Pleasures

Force-Directed Sierpinski Triangle

Sierpinski Chaos Game

Technology Delaunay Triangulation

Spherical Force-Directed Layout

Erdős–Rényi Force Directed Graph

General Update Pattern, III

Chicago Ward Remap Outlines

Voronoi Diagram with Force Directed Nodes and Delaunay Links

Hamiltonian Graph Builder

Extract JSON from ChicagoLobbyists

Chicago Lobbyists Force-Directed Graph Visualization

Bitbucket Download Directory

Save ScraperWiki Data to Local SQLite Database

Make Flickr shapes JSON parsable

PHP 5.3 strlen