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Example R worker

Behavioral Health Event Co-Occurence

AECF Connecting Data Systems, Data Loading


Interactive General Update Pattern

Cohort Trails

Eight Queens

Retina Canvas

Zoomable Treemap Bar Chart

Zoomable Choropleth

Gooey Exploding Scatterplot

Demers Cartogram

Rectangular Collision Detection

Bouncing Logo

Collatz Conjecture

Choropleth with Animated Stripes

Triangular Scatterplot

Treemap Bar Chart

Brushable Scatterplot/Choropleth

Map to Force-Directed Graph

An ES6 solution to the challenge: enumerate all configurations of walls within a 4 x 4 grid that would result in a valid maze. In a valid maze, 1. any space must be reachable from any other space and 2. there must be only one path between any two spaces in the maze. This solution can handle up to a 5 x 5 grid.