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Zoomable Choropleth

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Block-a-Day #11. Clicking on a state zooms the map to that state and shows county-level data.

Data Sources: BLS.

What I Learned: Trying out the new projection.fitExtent(). In the process, learned about adaptive resampling, which can break interpolation by changing the number of coordinates in a path at different zoom levels. Fixed the resulting bug by setting projection.precision() to 0, effectively turning off resampling.

What I’d Do With More Time: Finding a way to include Alaska and Hawaii is an obvious next step (albersUSA didn’t immediately work with this technique). Could probably use more detailed county shapefiles.


Just what it sounds like. For fifteen days, I will make a D3.js v4 block every single day. Rules:

  1. Ideas over implementation. Do something novel, don’t sweat the details.
  2. No more than two hours can be spent on coding (give or take).
  3. Every. Single. Day.


forked from cmgiven‘s block: Zoomable Choropleth

forked from pmia2‘s block: Zoomable Choropleth