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sparse matrix zoo II

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This version may break your browser because of the crazy amount of cells I’m rendering with SVG. I just wanted to see what the matrices looked like.

I believe I’m also doing something slightly wrong, I’m populating the off-diagonal values as if they are symmetric. I believe some of these matrices are not symemetric so it doesn’t always render. This is mostly just to see what it might look like. The matrix could probably be efficiently rendered with canvas or even webgl.

I saw this list of sparse matrices and thought they could be thrown right into a d3 force layout.

I made a small script to process and host the “MM” formatted matrices to a d3 friendly JSON format.

I’d like to add more matrices from the list, and try to adapt this to webgl.

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forked from enjalot‘s block: sparse matrix zoo: canvas

forked from enjalot‘s block: sparse matrix zoo: canvas