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Generate plotly.js images (only svg for now) in Node.js using jsdom

fresh block

fix for

mapbox-gl > 0.45.0 + terser minify bug

plotly.js polar charts demo

plotly.js violins with persistent selections

Demo of violins with persistent selections

Playground made to explore d3-geo's map fit and clip capabilities

Comparison of scaled image exports techniques

Browserify a string stream using the API

Use electron to export plotly.js graphs as images by making requests to an HTTP server.

mpl experiments

matplotlib error bars with clip-on option set to false

benchmar for merge array

plotly.js use modebar buttons handlers


Use electron to export plotly.js graphs as images

Frais balle molle 2017

Jasmine tests in headless chromium xvfb process

All 2016 Bixi trips in one map

Interactive contour maps of surface temperature anomalies in 2016

Try mapbox-gl 3D extrude fill layers

frais balle molle automne2016

simple test runner for nw.js

run tape tests on an html page

Webworkify + Uglify-js + Require.js not getting along

require.js + browserify amd

Gist containing large datasets too big to include in a codepen.

Add custom svg icons to plotly.js

Frais de membre pour les Disconomics (Édition Softball)

mapbox-gl-js in nw.js

Setup with a custom plotly.js bundle

generate plotly.js attribute schema


generate plotly.js images using nw.js

scatter inner nodes ordering 2

scatter inner nodes ordering

trace struct flattener

CLI utility that checks whether a project's current node module tree contain npm-link'ed packages

generate plotly.js images with the karma runner

trace struct flattener

how to bundle plotly.js without d3

plotly.js in node (WIP)

selection.order playgroud

trace struct flattener

Use browserify to check for required packages that are transformed via the browserify.transform field in the package.json.

Use browserify to check for non-js files required into a package index.

Convert a set of scatter values to the scatter density


plotlyjs auto-resize

Performance comparison between assign-deep and clone

simple plotlyjs block

Reproduce a plotly graph on the plotly cloud using plotlyjs

Plotlyjs choropleth / bubble map

Plotlyjs map with click event handler


d3.geo.zoom without roll