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Cahill-Keyes map projection d3v4 [UNLISTED]

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Cahill-Keyes map projection (I modified Waterman butterfly projection in the geo.polyhedron D3 plugin to have incisions at 17° (Thanks Jason for the great inspiration!).

Gene Keyes’s first 5 principles:

The last two points are achieved via the custom projection defined by Gene Keyes which I reimplemented in javascript from original Perl program by Mary Jo Graça.

The last principle to take care of is:

The colouring is inspired (i.e. adapted…ok copied! This is just building on Giants’ shoulders: Mike called it For example ;-) from Mike’s World Map.

The rendering of Tropic of Cancer/Capricorn and Arctic/Antartic Circle are inspired by Jason’s Bartholomew’s Regional Projection.

forked from espinielli‘s block: Cahill-Keyes map projection