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d3-force-reuse crash [UNLISTED]

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A performance comparison of d3.forceManyBodyReuse() in d3-force-reuse and the standard d3.forceManyBody() in d3-force. d3.forceManyBodyReuse() tends to perform faster than d3.forceManyBody(), often with a total runtime of about 70% of that in d3.forceManyBody(). It achieves this performance improvement by reusing Barnes-Hut approximations instead of calculating a new one at each tick of the algorithm. See d3-force-reuse and the research paper for more details:

Robert Gove. “It Pays to Be Lazy: Reusing Force Approximations to Compute Better Graph Layouts Faster.” Proceedings of Forum Media Technology, 2018. Preprint PDF.

Contains code from Mike Bostock’s force-directed layout example and my KDE heatmap example.

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