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Wikiatlas — administrative layer

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Action: When run, this administrative.makefile download administrative L0 (countries), L1 (subunits), and cities (places) GIS sources, process them (unzip, crop, filter), to output an elegant composite stack of your target L1 district upon L0 backgrounds, as topojson and WP styled SVG files.


Direct command:

make -f administrative.makefile ITEM=India WEST=67.0 NORTH=37.5  EAST=99.0 SOUTH=05.0 SELECTOR_L1="admin IN ('INDIA')"


Derivated from ogr2ogr and topojson.js.

[1]: If not there, the download task will automatically download the NaturalEarth countries, subunits, and places archive files totaling about 30MB. This may take from few minutes.

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Suggestions? Drop me a suggestion/command line @hugo_lz