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France_location_map.svg (Wikipedia)

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Step 2: Topographic map. final_topo_France.json (topojson) created using makefile.

Attempt to programmatically generate geolocalized France_location_map.svg (focus: France, type: location map, geolocalised yet light, printable) following existing Wikipedia’s guidelines.

Meta: v13.08.22. Makefile: Make4b. Focus: France. Type: topographic_map.

With: countries (L0), subdivisions (L1), places (major cities). Labels for L1 & places.

This code is part of the Wikimaps team push for better wikipedia maps. An efforts for both GIS data collection and map generation for the purpose of encyclopedic cartography and free knowledge.


1a. Base idea and tutorial: Let’s Make a Map by Mike Bostock

1b. In practice (shorter) : Making a map of germany with topojson

2a. Base introduction to Makefile Why Use Make by Mike Bostock

2b. In practice (shorter): Austria D3 TopoJSON

3a. wikimaps’ stylesheets: Wikipedia:WikiProject_Maps/Conventions

Interesting: Creating and Publishing Maps with D3, Dymo, and PhantomJS, ISO_3166-2

TODO: Conditional borders and coastlines :