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Wikimaps Atlas : Shaded relief v.05/03

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6 Shaded Reliefs

Action: When run, this country.makefile [download][1] the raster GIS DEM sources, process them (unzip, crop, shaded relief, resize, colorize), to output 6 elegant shaded reliefs. Can work for any country or area, given you provide WNES (West/North/East/South) geocoordinates, in decimal degrees.


For similar data and similar px dimensions, file sizes are .tif:5.0MB, .png:1.6MB, .jpg:239KB. Also, whenever possible and relevant, we use the lighter format.

Direct command:

make -f country.makefile ITEM=India WEST=67.0 NORTH=37.5  EAST=99.0 SOUTH=05.0 WIDTH=1280

Parameters: Derivated from man gdal and man convert.

Note: if the input GIS raster is in feet, then s scale should be edited. See man gdal.

[1]: the download task will automatically download the ETOPO1 (342MB) archive file, which may take from few minutes to a dozen of hours, depending on your web line.

Suggestions? Drop me a suggestion/command line @hugo_lz