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Demers Cartogram

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Block-a-Day #9. A dynamic Demers cartogram using force simulation, including yesterday’s rectangular collision detection. Note that I am continuing to use the geographic position of each state to gently prod the map into a recognizable shape, so this may not be a strict Demers.

Data Sources: Census.

What I Learned: West Virginia turns out to be the most difficult state to get right. I ended up severing its link with Maryland to avoid it frequently popping to the east of Virginia (note if you intend to reuse the adjacency data for other purposes).

What I’d Do With More Time: Keep tinkering with the balance of the forces. If used for more than demonstration purposes, I’d run the simulation in the background and only show the output.


Just what it sounds like. For fifteen days, I will make a D3.js v4 block every single day. Rules:

  1. Ideas over implementation. Do something novel, don’t sweat the details.
  2. No more than two hours can be spent on coding (give or take).
  3. Every. Single. Day.


forked from cmgiven‘s block: Demers Cartogram