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flubber tests

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Testing of veltman/flubber Built with


  1. Some countries break when calling flubber.combine on them.

    • E.g. if you add the United States back in (by removing 840 from the end of line 46) you’ll get an error that: Uncaught RangeError: Can't collapse topology into 10 pieces.

    • Changing maxSegmentLength can cause more countries to break.

  2. While circlePath(x,y,radius) (line 31) returns a perfect SVG circle path, the result of interpolating to it is ~octagonal.

    • Decreasing maxSegmentLength makes it more circular, but at the expense of performance.

    • Could be fixed by calling one final transition to go from the final interpolated step to the circle, but maybe that should be a built-in feature of the interpolator?

    • EDIT: should be fixed by