blocks by lelandlee

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Slanted Bar Chart

Circular Sankey

Which UC Berkeley Libraries Are Open

Hexbin Wallpaper 1

Colour Density Hexbin

Colour Density Grid

Uniform Kernel Distribution

Rectangles or Trapezoids

Overlaying D3: hull, voronoi, voronoi.triangle, and quadtree

Star Animated - for D3Con Badge

Isotype - Squared

Isotype - Circle

Animated Art

Art - Stacked Donut Lines

Isotype Donut Art?


D3 Scaling Container Level

Bar Chart In Between a Circle

Flower Shaped Pie Chart

Concentric Count Down Timer

Concentric Clock

Bar Chart with baseline at center

2 Level Diverging Bar Chart - 2 DataSets Implimentation

2 Level Diverging Bar Chart - 1 Data Set Implementation