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Generative elevation map with SVG filters

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Click for a new map and palette. Move the mouse sideways to change where the light source is.

[There is also a pure SVG map with elevation contours.]

This SVG filter generates elevation, flat waters and icy mesas. Also see my previous filter and twitter/@monfera for visualizations including glitchy shots from making this block. A couple of D3 color scales are added but otherwise there’s no dependency, it’s kept minimal.

This block has:

Sometimes we lean on D3 for things that the underlying standards already provide, or miss opportunities. I’m impressed by Nadieh Bremer’s work with filters which shows how much can be done beyond the basics.

Palette copyrights in the source. Palette authors:

  1. tv-a: Jim Mossman
  2. wiki-schwarzwald-cont: W-j-s and Jide
  3. viridis, magma: Stéfan van der Walt and Nathaniel Smith, via D3 by Mike Bostock (not meant for topography)

This is what I wanted:

I found that:

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