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Can you travel on Deutsche Bahn trains without needing to print the tickets on paper?

I travel a lot by train these days in Europe, and I’d prefer to avoid printing tickets onto paper if I can.

Instead, I tend to have the PDF of the ticket on an iPad, and show that to the train attendant, for them to scan with their barcode scanning contraption.

I’ve used thissuccessfully going both ways now, but I get some funny looks from some train staff, and I want to be able to point to the terms of service to show this is all above board.

Sadly, my German is embarassingly bad at the moment, so I’m unable to decipher the terms of service myself. I think I can, but I’d rather have some confirmation from another human.

Here’s the link to what I think are Deutche Bahn’s terms of service for using these PDF tickets:

I found that PDF on this page here:

I think the relevant section covering these tickets, and whether they need to be printed is 6.3.3. I’ve attached the German and the corresponding Google-provided translation to this gist.

Is travelling without printing tickets onto paper something you’re able to do, according to the terms of service?