The word origami comes from the Japanese words 'Oru' and 'Gami', which mean 'folding' and 'paper' respectively. There are many hundreds of thousands of shapes that a seasoned Origami practitioner can create using the standard square sheet of Origami paper. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create the shape of a bunny using only one piece of paper, the nimbleness of your young mind and fingers, and the power of your own breath

  1. step1

    To begin your bunny, you must have a single piece of origami paper.

  2. step3
    The second step in creating the origami bunny is to fold the necessary creases into the sheet. You do this by folding the sheet in half horizintally, vertically, and diagonally in both directions. You will create a star shape.

  3. step5

    Step 3 involves folding the creased sheet of origami paper into a triangle by bringing the center of each of the side edges into the center of the bottom edge.

  4. In this step, the two side tips of the top triangle should be folded in to the top tip.

  5. The two flaps of the top tip should now be folded into the pockets created by the previously folded side tips.

  6. Flip the triangle over.

  7. Fold the tips in to create a triangle.

  8. Turn the right tip of the diamond to the left.

  9. Fold the left tip to the right

  10. Continue folding until all tips are folded into the center.

  11. Fold up the "ears" of the bunny and flatten.
  12. Blow into the "mouth" of the bunny to inflate.