blocks by ninjaPixel

going through the vega tutorial for re-creating the classic Mikey B viz on US airports

My custom arrow key mappings. The right option key is used to 'shift' into a different mode.

Defer the loading of a react component, in Meteor.js.

Strip unused modules from your app

Our 'Test' component. It pulls in some external libs, bloating our Meteor app

The 'fat' version of our meteor app.

An example of @ninjapixel/meteor-deferred-component in action

A nicer "Book Now" button for your website

A simple "Book Now' button for your website.

Currencies supported by Stripe. Including name, code and if it's a decimal currency

A "Book Now" button with inline styling

A simple "Book Now" button



Atom copy paste line shortcuts

d3 colors for nick

fresh block

Grouped Bar Chart

Grouped Bar Chart - Reusable

Grouped Bar Chart



Pie / Donut





A simple example of using a basic chart created within the ninjaPixel.js framework

very simple browser test

Multi Layer OpenStreetMap data with d3.js

histogram test

enhance info test

hello world!

superscript text

superscript test

moment test

reddit base

exit transition

reddit base