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Solarize PowerShell 😎

This is how my command line looks, running Powershell in the built-in Windows Console. You can see the Solarized color theme, and a custom prompt including Git info. You can’t see Git tab completions or support for SSH keys, but those are there too.

I used Concfg for the font and color theme, and Pshazz for the custom prompt and Git and SSH features.

Here’s my script to get this setup:

scoop install 7zip git openssh concfg

# back-up current console settings
concfg export console-backup.json

# use solarized color theme, in a small window
concfg import solarized small

# You'll see this warning:
#     overrides in the registry and shortcut files might interfere with
#     your concfg settings.
#     would you like to search for and remove them? (Y/n):
# Enter 'n' if you're not sure yet: you can always run 'concfg clean' later

scoop install pshazz

If you install Pshazz and you already have an SSH key, you’ll see a popup asking for your password.

There’s more info on setting up SSH with Scoop, if you’re interested.

Now you should have a nicer looking command prompt, with some helpful Git and SSH enhancements. If you want to customize your prompt even more, check out the Concfg and Pshazz projects on GitHub.

It’s worth pointing out that concfg works in ye olde cmd.exe as well, but with Powershell you get the extra prompt enhancements, plus a great dynamic and functional programming language at your fingertips as well.

If you don’t like your new color theme and want to go back, run concfg import console-backup.json. If you start a new console and find your color settings are gone, re-run concfg import solarized small and enter ‘y’ when it asks if you’d like to clean registry settings.