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GitHub Pages Gem 💎 for Jekyll

Dependency versions

GitHub Pages uses the following dependencies and versions:



jekyll 2.4.0 jekyll-coffeescript 1.0.0 jekyll-sass-converter 1.2.0 kramdown 1.3.1 maruku 0.7.0 rdiscount 2.1.7 redcarpet 3.1.2 RedCloth 4.2.9 liquid 2.6.1 pygments.rb 0.6.0 jemoji 0.3.0 jekyll-mentions 0.1.3 jekyll-redirect-from 0.6.2 jekyll-sitemap 0.6.0 github-pages 28 ruby 2.1.1

Programmatic access

Want a more programmatic way to keep your local version of Jekyll up to date? All dependencies are bundled within the GitHub Pages Ruby gem, or are available programmatically via