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Teach Kids Programming

Teach kids programming 🆒

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A collection of resources

I’ve been gathering the best resources to teach children & teens programming — books, environments, apps, courseware and games.

These resources are meant for teachers and parents who want to have their children fall in love with computers and see the magic of programming.

I’m staying away from philosophical debates of whether kids should learn to program, when they should start and other such topics. I know this — I fell in love with computers in 3rd grade (a beautiful ZX Spectrum), and I want to share the joy of programming with others.

I’ve chosen in this list to be quite comprehensive in listing all resources — but also choosy to restricting this to things I found useful & of high quality.

I’ve also started this list with my own opinionated picks on what kind of material from the large list of resources may be suitable for children with different interests and at different points in their learning.

Sharing this broadly, do let me know what else I can add to this list.

The Opinionated Picks

The Large List of Resources

Books about Computing

Advanced Books on Computing

Books on Programming for Children

Offbeat pick: Manga Guide to Databases

Environments for Programming

Advanced pick: Processing

iPad or Android apps — Great to learn programming


MOOC / Courseware

Other games & tools

Pick of the games: Code and Conquer