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Wind barbs from a projected GeoTIFF & JavaScript libraries

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This example is the same as this block, but using the original GeoTIFF, ehich is in the Lambert conic conformal projection. Since the GeoJSON and coordinates needed by d3 to draw the map are in WGS84 (longitude-latitude) projection, all the data must be reprojected before drawing it. You can see here how to do it for polygons (the coloured isobands) and points (for wind barbs).

The results are more or less the same as in the previous pre-reprojected example, but should be better, since the isobands and barbs are created from the original data, not interpolated as in the other case.

Several liraries have been used:

reproject doesn’t ork directly with the browser, so an operation with browserify is needed before doing it:

npm install reproject
cd node_modules/reproject
browserify index.js --standalone reproject > ../../reproject.js