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tmux shortcuts & cheatsheet

Alpha Frequencies

Alpha Frequency

merging selections

D3 - Basics


D3.js - Radar Chart or Spider Chart - Adjusted from radar-chart-d3

US State Map

Threshold Choropleth

Anscombe Quartet II

Boston restaurants to canonical name and address

Create .py and .html on save of Jupyter notebook

Focus+Context via Brushing

FiveThirtyEight - Police Killings

The Migrant Files: Money

Median Income from 2009 to 2012

Bar Chart I

Basic Bar Chart

Barley Yields Simple Multiples


Barley Farmers Exploration

Anscombe's Quartert Scatterplot


D3 meetup: Simple Scatter

Bar Chart_beta

Bar Chart_beta

Bar Lines - D3 Hackday with Ian

datasana #rects

datasana #circles

datasana #1




Sudoku Solver - On the Air

A Fun Game for HackerSchool Application. I had good fun with it and wrote a Javascript Version to have my son play daddy's game. The code is at: The game can be played at (hosted via gh-pages)