blocks by saraquigley

Knowledge tree DSL

partsankey interactive

a few of buttons


Bar Chart with update

Bar Chart

the enrollment cycle

Rectangular adjacency matrix

Multiple Majors Leaderboard

favorite API functions

badge test #2

fresh block

The current BGC ecosystem

Undergraduate Major Disciplines that Co-Occur in Fall 2014

angular and d3.csv

d3 donuts and angular directives

stacked area data

Curriculum Exploration

Strategic Management Project Pilots 2013-2014

Back where I started

major migration #4

major migration #3

major migration #2

Student Census (work in progress)

Tributary inlet

Strategy Spaces

Strategic Dilemmas

Issue Breakdown

Blocks by Reason

Charges - Awards Chord Diagram

Aid Payments over Time

Draft Account Summary

IT costs: donut and horizontal stack

IT costs: hierarchical bar

Fall 2012 Courses w/Big Waitlists

Donut : IT System Costs

Fall 2012 Enrollments in Popular Prerequisite Courses

Fall 2012 Enrollments in Reading & Composition Courses

Fall 2012 Enrollments in American Cultures Courses

Fall 2012 Enrollment Counts & Limits


Student Services Circle Pack (draft)

Hive Plot for Student Systems

another d3 pack - sait apps

a d3 pack