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Viewport reflowing

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Creates as many copies of the document as necessary to show the whole thing, like a sort of pagination. As you scroll, it spools and unspools into as many pages as it needs. So the whole document is kinda visible all at once, in slices.

Why’d I pick The Waste Land? Something with scattered images probably would’ve been better. Idk, sometimes I just get on a kick of using a certain text. Clearly I have very little editorial vision here.

It could be better generalized (so that e.g. there isn’t just a fixed number of pages allocated on load)… and I kinda want all the pages to be drifting around the space… fluttering, bumping. There are also obviously more pragmatic variants, like a dual-page reader that accommodates either page-turning or scrolling. Or a more deterministic layout where the remaining pages are presented in an orderly fashion so you get a better sense of how much you have left to read or w/e. Why would anyway want that anyway. Whyyyy am I doing thissssss————

Long ago, like years ago — wait I just checked and it was exactly three years ago today lol (it was 9/16/14) — I emailed someone about the idea of, um, HTML topologies:

i keep wishing websites could have arbitrary topologies. so, like, slideshow carousels could “actually” just be DOM cylinders projected onto the 2D screen. and elements could truly “wrap” around in a helix. you could have twists and discontinuities; a row could flow into a column. and then you can imagine mirrors and lenses to reflect and refract existing canonical DOM elements into different views.

And I stand by everything I said!!!

P.S. The visualViewport API seems very relevant but tbh idgi: