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Force-simulated Solar System

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Don’t see anything?… Exactly! Increase the Size distortion slider to reveal the planetary bodies.

This shows a force-simulated version of the solar system. The orbital trajectories are derived purely from the configuration of distances and masses of all the bodies. It is rendered true-to-scale, which shows how vast the empty space really is in between the bodies.

The simulation is ran using the d3-force simulation engine with the gravity-like d3-force-magnetic (inverse square law) attraction force. Each body is given an initial tangential velocity, equal to its orbital speed around the central sun, calculated as √(GM/d). See also force-simulated orbit trajectories.

Use the Lock on radio buttons to select the central pivoting body. The Size distortion slider lets you exaggerate the size of the bodies linearly, so they can be visible. These options are for rendering purposes only and do not affect the mechanics of motion.

Zoom-in/out using the scroll-wheel. Zooming in reduces the simulation speed for the visualization purposes, as closer bodies orbit faster.