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A tweet-sized, fork-to-play, community-curated collection of JavaScript.

How to play

  1. Click the Fork button above to fork this gist.
  2. Modify all the files to according to the rules below.
  3. Save your entry and tweet it up!

Keep in mind that thanks to the awesome sensibilities of the GitHub team, gists are just repos. So feel free to clone yours and work locally for a more comfortable environment, and to allow commit messages.


All entries must exist in an index.js file, whose contents are

  1. an assignable, valid Javascript expression that
  2. contains no more than 140 bytes, and
  3. does not leak to the global scope.

All entries must also be licensed under the WTFPL or equally permissive license.

For more information

See the site for a showcase of entries (built itself using 140-byte entries!), and follow @140bytes on Twitter.

To learn about byte-saving hacks for your own code, or to contribute what you’ve learned, head to the wiki. is brought to you by Jed Schmidt, with help from Alex Kloss. It was inspired by work from Thomas Fuchs and Dustin Diaz.