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Generate tiles scan 1000


Need GDAL 3.1+ or at least latest file with a lower GDAL version, 7zip and wget installed

Commands to execute

7z x SCAN1000_2-1__JP2-E100_LAMB93_FXX_2020-02-01.7z.001
cd SCAN1000_2-1__JP2-E100_LAMB93_FXX_2020-02-01/SCAN1000/1_DONNEES_LIVRAISON_2020-03-00188/SC1000_JP2-E100_LAMB93_FXX/
gdalbuildvrt -a_srs epsg:2154 scan1000.vrt *.jp2
# Need GDAL 3.1 for --xyz option or take the latest file from --s_srs="EPSG:2154" --xyz --zoom=2-10 scan1000.vrt output_folder

Serve tiles locally

We use http-server Node.js utility to serve local directory. We consider you are in directory SCAN1000_2-1__JP2-E100_LAMB93_FXX_2020-02-01/SCAN1000/1_DONNEES_LIVRAISON_2020-03-00188/SC1000_JP2-E100_LAMB93_FXX/ before running the following:

http-server # Node.js utility to serve local directory

Consume now in QGIS

Add in “XYZ Tiles” url the following

Then, add the layer to the map in QGIS