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Run PyQGIS in Jupyter Notebook












Create, update and list issues from Bitbucket API V2 using CURL

Leaflet and Popup with D3



QGIS 3 standalone application sample

Archives Séminaire QGIS FR

Cleaned result from


Get shp count from directory

Geocode Labelisation France Service

#30DayMapChallenge template

Greasemonkey script to restore URL view in Google search

Demo récupération cityway API

Import pour scrapper parcs et jardins de Nantes

Docker/Docker-compose recipes


Use GDAL2Tiles to view images in Leaflet

Leaflet.Spin standalone (similar to official but use only CDNs)

Take a GeoJSON as an input, take all H3 hexagons within and output GeoJSON hexagons with their id

Generate H3 hexagons

Standalone QGIS app for QGIS 3.0 (borrowed code for QGIS 2.x from

Démo pour montrer comment reprojeter en EPSG 2154 un CSV issu du géocodage de l'API CSV de

Google Open Lcoation Code demos (borrowed from

Promise.race illustrated with sourceforge mirrors

Using JSTS to measure how far a line travels through a polygon

Line Chart

Docopt in JavaScript

Demo for

Fetch when geolocation activated

Colors events snippet

ol.control.Button without jQuery

Demo using native ECMAScript modules in OpenLayers 5.0.0-beta.12

Demo to use Overpass JSON API with OpenLayers 3 & 4

Browserifiied version of arc.js

Finland map with local OpenStreetMap basemap OpenLayers

Demo to use OpenLayers with Finland projection and WMS Aeromagnetic anomalous layer from GTK

Use ol.source.Raster to mask only 2 layers instead of playing between full canvas and a particular layer

Map Export with PNGW & PRJ files

OpenLayers + Webpack

PyQGIS script to save/load/wipe XYZ sources in Browser Panel in QGIS3

Constrainted drawing within another layer area with OpenLayers (based on official Measure example)

Demo fixing issues in

Using WMS Capabilities to get layer center (OK only if layer center is not the CRS center but really the layer data center...)

Create legend for proportional circles in OpenLayers

OpenLayers demo to useAnchor option in ol.interaction.MouseWheelZoom

Minimal project to use OpenLayers with Parcel bundler

Leaflet With simplestyle Markers

Videos link including timing for the "7th QGIS UK Scottish user group"

Simple OpenLayers Reverse Geocoding sample with Nominatim


Vanilla JS fork of ol3-ext GeoBookmark (original version at due to jQuery dependency

Proto OpenStreetMap BZH - v0 - Peillac - Opération Libre - Demo at


Dirty Javascript reproduction of

gpkg vrt sample using

Promise and exec

Sleep function in JavaScript (need node v7.10+, borrowed from

Simple Map with GeoJSON markers

Essai d'envoi de SMS uniquement avec Node et un abonnement (adaptée à 90% de

List of questions related to Node (from 2 ​

Leaflet demo to use autocompletion with French GeoAPI and Leaflet.js library

Basic exploration of vue-i18next ( with demo link


Scribble map

Correction for cluster example in my "Beginner's Guide OpenLayers 3" due to change in OpenLayers library itself

vega for time series chart with shaded blocks

Minard online demos inventory

Tangram plaything with OSM2VectorTiles tiles

5 minutes PgAdmin4 Desktop install guide

"FATAL ERROR: CALL_AND_RETRY_LAST Allocation failed - process out of memory" running npm search


Réponse par l'absurbe à la notion de "plaque tournante" sur suite aux attentats à Bruxelles

Python sample to call to

Translate extent to use with gdal_translate

Minimal WebWorker example

OpenLayers 3 Google Maps API

Prepare Github repo to manage npmjs release publication

Default file for adding OSM background in QGIS

Sample Leaflet with GeoJSON


Villes ou arrondissements > 100 000 habitants en France


Use OpenLayers 3 with TSV through GeoJSON


Sample to display GeoJSON as cluster in Openlayers 3. derived from

Exemple SVG


Demo WMS 1.1.1 due to question!msg/ol3-dev/D-I_zmVZKP8/7r7yiwJeHE4J

Minimum demo to use browserify with ol3

JSTS options with OpenLayers 3

Just one method to convert 2D to 3D geometry with shapely

GBIF OpenLayers 2

Leaflet simple marker

Minimum to connect to Vagrant



Proj4js classic demo based on OpenLayers 2.x and Proj4js 1.1. Open the brower console to see the result

Proj4js 2.x support with OpenLayers 2.x. Open the brower console to see the result


Leaflet swipe (Adapted from to use only Leaflet and not the MapBox API)






Proj4js conversion using Lambert 93 and the new proj4js API (v2.x)Open your JavaScript console to see the result

Get each individual EU-DEM tiles from with a batch. You need wget (apt-get install wget for Ubuntu/Debian or on Windows go to for installing) After, just do in command-line wget -c -i dem_eu.txt

How to deal with renaming invalid UTF8 characters in directories or files

OpenLayers zoom level display


Liste fichiers orthophotos nantes 2005

Orthophotos nantes telecahrgement et decompression

Javascript equivalent to python dict(zip(['AB', 'CD', 'EF', 'GH'],[1, 2, 3, 4])) - 2 js arrays to one js object

Given a WGS84 bounding box and an OSM tile zoom range calculates a total number of tiles.