blocks by alexmacy

United States of Voronoi Area Ranking

voronoi.find() and resizing charts

Turbo.js Speed Test


Rhodonea Curve

Additive Synthesizer

Horizontal Ellipses

Rotating Ellipses v2

Rotating Ellipses v1

Audio Radial Line - bright

Audio Radial Line - dark

Audio Spectrum Analyzer - bright

Audio Spectrum Analyzer - dark

Draggable Voronoi Circles - canvas

Draggable Voronoi Circles - SVG

(intentionally bad) Volume Control Using Face Tracking

Lissajous Curve

Compound Radial Waves v3 [WARNING: LOUD!]

Sound of the Stock Market

Compound Radial Waves v2

Compound Radial Waves

Compound Waves

Difference Chart v4

Projection Transitions w/slider and rotation

Projection Transitions v4

Election History w/ Avoidant Tooltip

Avoidant Tooltip

Wave Phasing

Updated Crossfilter.js demo

Voronoi Force-Directed Graph without the nodes and links

Force-Directed Graph with hidden Voronoi

Force-Directed Voronoi Graph

Forced Perspective

Hive Plot (Areas) v4

Audio Synth via d3-ease

Phase Shifting

I Am Sitting in a Room - Alvin Lucier

Web Audio Sampler with Effects

Web Audio Sampler v2

Sampler using Web Audio

Web Audio Theremin & Oscilloscope

Normalizing Clusters

K-Means Voronoi Relaxation

Rate of False Alarms by Neighborhood and Year

Voronoi Sorting v2 update for d3.unconf badge

D3 Spin Art

Rotating Shape Transitions

Flipping and Spinning the Unites States

United States of Voronoi Tweening w/ borders

United States of Voronoi Tweening

Custom Shape Tweening

Visualizing Sorting Algorithms

Voronoi Sorting v2

Voronoi Sorting

Voronoi Shuffling v3

Voronoi Shuffling v2

Voronoi Shuffling v1

Mergesort animation

Repeating sorting animation

Mergesort w/ color

Blocks Graph - w/thumbnails

Choropleth w/ state highlighting

OPD License Plate scans

Past Presidents - ES5

Overlapping Circles

Past Presidents

Brush Slider Test